Hawaiian music has never been stronger nor more popular world-wide. The aloha spirit is much more than just an expression. It is officially the law of the land and for many it’s a way of life.

The Land

If you enjoy nature and the beauty of the earth, there is nowhere like Hawaii.
On the Big Island of Hawaii alone, you can ride horseback in the Valley of Kings – the Waipio Valley – in the morning, surrounded by thousand foot cliffs and waterfalls. Then you’ll still have time to see a sunset from the summit of the tallest mountain on earth, Mauna Kea (when measured from its bottom on the Pacific Ocean).

The next day you can ride to the only spot on earth where you can see the planet growing every day, as lava from Kilauea Caldera flows into the ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Each of the islands offers its own magical beauty: The Waimea Canyon – The Grand Canyon of the Pacific – on Kauai and Haleakala, The House of the Sun on Maui are just another two examples.

Hawaii is also a wonderful destination for those interested in ecotourism. Just take a drive on the Hana Highway on the island of Maui to really see the beauty that is Hawaii.

The History

If you enjoy seeing historical sites, Hawaii has plenty to offer in that regard as well.

Oahu and the Honolulu area, in particular, have so much to offer. You’ll not want to miss Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. This is where America’s involvement in the Second World War began on December 7, 1941. The Battleship Missouri Memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine and the Pacific Aviation Museum are also well deserving of a visit.

On Oahu you can also visit the ‘Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States. Don’t miss the Bishop Museum, the State Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

On Maui, don’t miss the historic whaling town of Lahaina, the former capital of Hawaii.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, take a drive through North Kohala, the area where Kamehameha I was born. Kamehameha was the king who united all of the Hawaiian Islands.

If culture, nature and history are not your idea of a vacation, that’s OK. Maybe you just want to relax and enjoy the sun, the waves, the trade winds and the swaying palms.

The Beaches

Hawaii has many of the top beaches in the world. Hawaii’s beaches even come in multi-colors. Hawaii has white sand, green sand, red sand and black sand beaches.

The weather is near perfect 365 days of the year. Hawaii also has some of the top rated resorts in the world, but it’s also possible to save some pennies by careful planning of your trip. And, don’t forget, Hawaii is top honeymoon destination in the world.

Well, I could go on and on…. and I do! Come back often as we explore more of Hawaii each week. Whether you are planning a trip, reflecting on a past visit to the islands, or just dreaming of paradise, you’re always welcome here.